Monday, May 10, 2010

Once a Month

Once again I am behind on posting pictures and updates. I seem to be on a once a month schedule. The following pictures are from the last month. Things have been a little crazy around here. The picture above was at a friends wedding. A good family picture with Papa and Grandma!

My friend's from high school and Alicia Brady put on a shower at the farm. We had so much fun. I am 28 weeks pregnant in these pics.

These are the Monday night girls and my friends from High School that put on the shower. Thank you so much!
Week 29. Mark and I went to a marriage conference in Greenville, SC. We had a great time!
Just the two of us!
Here I am at 30 weeks. Can't believe I am in the third trimester! I am going to take pictures of the nursery soon and post them. No worries, it is not quite done yet.