Sunday, April 22, 2012

Way over Due

Hey friends this post as many others is way over due.  It has been almost a year since I have posted anything.  Jolie is almost two and still full of energy.  She is walking (mostly running) everywhere, talking non stop, and always busy.  She is strong willed but also very sweet.  

She is going to be a big sister in August.  We are expecting a little boy.  They will be around two years a part.  Here are a few pics from the last year.   

Thanksgiving at Garrison Farms

Mommy and Jolie

Jolie loves this pink chair.  A gift from Aunt Jill.

Hanging out at Garrison Farm

Happy Halloween at the pumpkin patch.

Jolie at church.  She loves to say cheese now.  

Jolie sporting her construction helmet for Papa D.  

Shopping with Mimi and Mama!  She has learned early.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jolie's First Birthday

Jolie turned One on July 17th. We had a Whoo's Turning One party for her. It was soooo much fun. I wish I could take credit for how cute it turned out but I can't. It was mostly Aunt Chandra! She is amazingly gifted with her ideas and creativity. As for me, I just put a few of them together. She and Justin did the majority of the work. Now for the cake, that was done by Aunt Jill! She did a great job as well. Below are a few pictures of the big day. I can't believe she is already one. It has been a great and fast year!

Justin and Chandra had this staked outside their fence. Justin cut it out, Chandra did the painting.
We had a couple of pools for the kids. July is a hot time for an outside party but it turned out great. Jolie loves to swim!
Mark and Justin built the cupcake stand, and YES............Mark even decorated the cupcakes.
Jolie loved the cake. We found out right before her birthday that Jolie is allergic to Milk and Eggs. So the cake had to be special. Mark's mom found a recipe and it tasted great!
The family picture.

Monday, May 9, 2011

April at the Janssen House

Jolie is continuing to grow like crazy. February and March were long due to Jolie being sick. She is doing much better now and actually slept through the night two nights in a row. We are praying this continues. She is now almost 10 months old. Her first word was Momma right after my birthday. She now says momma and dadda often. Sometimes just one or the other. She has been close to crawling for a while but yesterday May 8th she officially got it figured out. She can get around without getting frustrating. Everyday is getting more fun. She loves to laugh and is very joyful. Very vocal and believe it or not, very social. She loves other children and loves to yell at them as we walk through target.

She loves to sit in the driver's seat!

Her first easter egg hunt.

Aunt Jill got Jolie and Ellie matching dresses for Spring. We love pink!
Our first Easter Sunday as a family.
Yes, she does have her own play blackberry and it is one of her favorite toys. I have no idea where she gets it from!
We got the chance to go meet Chris, Mindy, Daisy and the Goff's in Florida. This is Daisy and Jolie in their swimsuits ready to go to the pool. Our fair skinned children. Lots of sunscreen needed.

Jolie on the beach. Her favorite thing to do was to eat sand. Yes, we even found it in her diaper a couple of days later. She loved the beach and the water.
I could not get this rotated and wanted to go ahead and post the blog. Typical Leslie fashion. Our family in Florida.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time Flies when you are having fun!

It has been a crazy couple of months with the holidays, work and just life. We are enjoying it very much. I love being a mom. Jolie is growing fast and is so much fun. Her little personality comes out more every day! Here are a few pics to catch up. She is now 6 months old.

Jolie got to experience her first snow in January. It is the largest snow I have had since I have lived here too. It was 5 1/2 inches. Jolie was 5 1/2 months too. We even took her sledding in a little sled Aunt Jill got her. So much fun!

We are very excited about the Packers going to the Super Bowl! Daddy's favorite Team! Jolie does not look like it here though.
Her first New Year! She did not stay up until midnight but I am pretty sure she was up shortly after.
This was Christmas with Great Grandma Garrison. They are good buddies!
Jolie's first Christmas was so much fun. This is a picture of her with her Mimi (my mom) and Great Grandmother all in red!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A few pics to summarize the last month!

As usual it has been a while. Jolie just turned 4 months last week and is so much fun. Every day we enjoy her more and more. I didn't think that was possible. She now weighs 15 lbs. We will find out how long she is this week. She loves to stand up, play under her gym, and is trying really hard to roll over. She has managed to do it once. Of course I missed it. I am waiting to see her do it again.

I am back at work 2 days a week and she stays with her Mimi (my mom) on those days. They have a great time.
Her Aunt Chandra has a great camera and loves taking pictures of her. She is three months here.
Her first family vacation. We went to Gatlinburg with my parents and Justin and Chandra.
4 months old sitting in her bumbo while I packed for Missouri!

She even has a little attitude. Her little personality is coming out a little more everyday.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Way Behind Jolie Tate 11 Weeks old!

Well as most of you can tell, I am way behind. Jolie was born on July 17, 2010. She weighed 9lbs and 2 oz. She was 20 inches long. She is now almost 13 pounds and 12 weeks old. Above is a picture of her at 10 weeks. Below are a couple of when she was born and a couple from lately.

I love being a mom! Mark is a great dad. We are having tons of fun. She is really a great baby. She is already sleeping around 5 to 6 hours straight at night. She loves to baby talk and is very active. I will try to start doing better with posting updates.

Labor Day weekend!
Coming home from the hospital.
At the hospital.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting Close

Well we are getting close to the due date. Okay maybe not too close. I am now 35 1/2 weeks. Here are a few pictures from the last month. I seem to update this blog about that often. I have more pictures to post but they will have to wait until later. I hope you enjoy these for now.

Here I am at 35 weeks. This is the crib in the nursery. When the nursery is completely done I will post pictures. We are still waiting on the dresser to come in before we finalize everything. I love the bedding on the crib though. It was my niece Ellie's and Mark's mom made it.

My friends in Nashville threw a Baby Shower last weekend. This is a group shot of almost everyone there. I will have more pics to post on that later. We had lots of fun!

Aunt Teresa, Baylee, and Grandma threw a shower in Fayetteville. It was so nice. I got to see family and friends I had not seen in a long time. The picture above is me with my cousins (all girls except Justin).
Grandma made the cutest Frog cake!
The decorations were so much fun. Way to go girls!
A few of the men came too. Looks like they are having lots of fun!
Dad and Papa relaxing during the shower. They did not participate with the girl festivities.

Here is me at 33 weeks.